Official minutes from EAF Congress meeting

1.06.2009, Sofia, Bulgaria


At the beginning: 20 countries

After few minutes joined us: Georgia & Azerbaijan

Total: 22 countries


Belgium provided proxy - gave away their vote to Slovakia.

France provided proxy - gave away their vote to Slovakia.

Proxy has not been accepted due the fact that Belgium and France have not paid for their membership.


1.Official welcoming for all the countries - Assen Hadjitodorov (EAF President)

2.Review and acceptance of minutes from European Federation Congress Meeting during 30 World's Canada 2008

for: 17 - against: 2 - abstain: 1 Minutes accepted


3.Acceptance of new members.

Albania didn't provide us any documents about their registration - Albania is not accepted as an EAF Member.


Georgia joined the EAF Meeting.


4.Report covering the 2008/2009 EAF activity

Assen Hadjitodorov - EAF President

Igor Mazurenko - EAF General Secretary

Alexander Filimonov - EAF V-ce President

A proposal for the European Championships 2010 to take place in Moscow between May the 31th and June the 6th 2010 has been given

For: 18 - Against: 2 - Abstain: 1


5.Submission of the budget for 2008/2009

For: 19 - Against: 0 - Abstain: 2


Azerbaijan joined the EAF Meeting


6.Proposals for new points and alteration in the EAF rules of:

1.proposal from POLAND

a)to increase yearly payment from 100 Euros to 200 Euros for each country membership

For: 12 - Against: 8 - Abstain: 2

b) To split the 40 Euros payment for the category to 2 separated payments per hand in each category (30 euro per hand per class for man, woman and 15 euro per hand per class for juniors)

For: 12 - Against: 6 - Abstain: 4

2.proposal from HUNGARY

to create the licenses for competitor memberships in the EAF

For: 22 - Against: 0 - Abstain: 0

3.proposal from BULGARIA

To move the EAF official place of residence from Belgium to Bulgaria

For: 16 - Against: 3 - Abstain: 3

7.Examination of the offers for conducting the European Championships in 2013 in Lithuania

For: 21 - Against: 0 - Abstain: 1

8.New business - prepare licenses for referees.

9.David Sheed - will be representing Finland as a referee.

For: 20 - Against: 0 - Abstain: 2

Congress ended.

EAF 2009-07-14