Dear Colleagues,

I have received the last information from the Turkish federation, that European Championship will be held as it was announced until now, in “Limak Limra” hotel. As I have informed you, the venue is not good for organizing European Championship, there is no chance to change it. That’s why everything stay as we have announced it. Below you can find the information about the hotels and the prices. See you in Kemer.

Best Regards,
Assen Hadjitodorov
President of EAF
EAF 2011-03-28


Dear Colleagues,

Yesterday I have come back from my inspection in Antalia about the organization of the upcoming European Armwrestling Championship.
The situation in Turkey is not good at all,
Ahmet Hadimoglu is no more President of the Turkish Bodybuilding and Armwrestling Federation. They will have an election for a new president in the beginning of June. The situation inside the federation is very confused. There is a fight between the Bodybuilding part and the Armwrestling part. Anyway, I have met the temporary management of the federation and made the inspection of the venue in the hotel.
The venue, chosen by the old management, does not respond to the requirements for making European championships - it is not a sport hall. We cannot arrange our championships there. It is situated more than 60 km from the airport.
Because of this reason, it's necessary for us to change the place for the European Championship instead of "Kemer" in Antalia. Together with the representatives of the Turkish federation, we have visited a very nice hall in the city of Antalia and today or tomorrow I except to receive the conditions, according that we can use this hall. In this way, we have to stop temporary for few days the reservations for the accommodation, because it will necessary to use other hotels, not the listed until now. We had a meeting with the official agency of the tournament, and in few days we will expect the names and the conditions for accommodation in the new hotels. It is a big mess now, but I hope until the middle of the next week all to be specified. I will keep you informed for what is happening.

Best Regards,
Assen Hadjitodorov
President of EAF
EAF 2011-03-25

EUROPEANS 2011 INFORMATION which is an experienced TV production (please see: and & sports management agency ( ) in Turkey have appointed by EAF and Turkish Federation to act on behalf coordinate the hotel accomodations, transfers and other lojistics fort he XXI European Armwrestling Championship in Antalya - Turkey. EAF in cooperation with Turkish Armwrestling Federation would be responsible for sportif management and overall controll of the event.

Offical Hotel of the Event:
"Limak Limra Hotel & Resort" which is a "5 star" all inclusive category, located in Kemer - Antalya has been choosen as offical hotel of the event. Hotel is located 55 km from Antalya - International airport.

We also offer "4 star" and "3 star" hotels to provide economic solutions fort he participants. For those who book "4 star" and "3 star" hotels, our logistic partner provides free minibus services between the venue and all partner hotels. As rooms are limited we require all participant to book hotel rooms as soon as possible.

Accomodation Prices:
5 star offical hotel (Limak Limra Hotel & Resort): 55 Euro
4 star offical hotel (Limak Park Hotel): 45 Euro
3 star offical hotel (Hotel Belek Camyuva): 35 Euro

Prices are per person per day in double room, all inclusive.

Airport Transfers: 20 Euro per person, two ways

Booking Contacts:
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel : +90.533.305 8583 , Metin Dalman (English & German)
Tel: +90.533.736 2134 , Erhan Sertkaya (Russian)
Fax: +90.212.310 2454
EAF 2011-03-07