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In 27/12/2010 there was an elections in Georgian armwrestling federation.There were 2 candidates Erekle Gurchiani which is world and european champion in many times and Soso Jachvliani ex President.In elections winner become Erekle Gurchiani with biggest adventage. Now he is Georgian Armwrestling Federation President

For respect Georgian Armwrestling Federation

EAF 2011-02-01

Swiss Armsport Federation

Following our general assembly of 22nd of January, here is the executive board of SAF for year 2011 
President: Catherine Zmoos
Rue de l'Ouest 5
2108 Couvet (NE) 
Mobile Phone: +41798216428
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Cashier: Christophe Ladu
Head Jury : Tamara Marchesi-Franz
Head Referree : Ueli Bühler
Translator German-French : Eliane Aeschimann

Catherine Zmoos 
President of SAF
EAF 2011-01-28


integrational tournament for disabled people
I ROUND - Burgas (Bulgaria)
Saturday, 31st July 2010 г.,

On July 31st, 2010 (Saturday) from in Burgas (Bulgaria), on petrol station OMV-Izgrev has
held the I ROUND of the integrational tournament-chain for disabled people WILL TO VICTORY .
Over 50 participants from different cities has tried their strength in the competition in three weight
classes: women absolute category, men -80 kg and men +80 kg. The winner by the women is
Emilia Stoyanova (Kurdjali), 2nd after her has classed herself Asya Burova (Plovdiv) and the 3rd
place has got Ana Marinova (also from Plovdiv). In the men's -80 kg category, the bronze
medalist from European championship Marin Peychev (Gprna Oryahovica) has taken the 1st
place, followed by Dimitar Shterev (Burgas) on 2nd and Nikolay Koev (Varna) on 3rd place. In the
men‘s category +80 kg on 1st place has classed himself Grorgi Kiryakov (Selanovci), 2nd
appeared Anton Antonov (Pomorie) and the 3rd place has left for Metin Dikmeosman (Kurdjali).
The five competitions WILL TO VICTORY are organized by the Bulgarian Armwrestling
Federation and the OMV petrol company, under the patronage of the Bulgarian Minister of
Physical Education and Sports dr. Svilen Neykov; with the co-organization of the municipality of
the respective city, where this tournament will be held. Here are the dates for the remaining four
tournaments WILL TO VICTORY:
- II ROUND - on 14th August 2010 in Pleven - in OMV-Storgozia petrol station.
- III ROUND - on 28th August 2010 in Plovdiv - in OMV-Maria Luiza.
- IV ROUND - on 4th September 2010 in Varna - in OMV-Republica.
- V ROUND - on 11th September 2010 in Sofia - in OMV-Momina Cheshma.
The competitions are result of the initiative of the Bulgarian Armwrestling Federation to
attract more disabled people to practice this sport, and so we hope to contribute for faster
acceptance of the Armwrestling in the para-olympic games.