Euroarm 2010 in Moscow

The place where the 20th Jubilee European Armwrestling Championships in 2010 will take place was determined.
The President of Russian Armwrestling Association - Aleksander Filimonov and the director of «Arena «Mytiszczi» Aleksander Cemykin signed an arrangement for carry out the 20th Jubilee European Armwrestling Championships on the sports complex «Arena «Mytiszczi» area from the 2nd to the 5th of June 2010.
«Arena «Mytiszczi» is the modern sports & recreation high class complex of the 9000 people capacity. It was built according to an original project prepared by Finnish company «Skanska» and it comes up to the international standards. The architecture of the building is an interesting combination of metal lash of the elevation and large glass surfaces. The cornerstone was laid on the 19th of April 2002 and the building completion was made on the 15th of October 2005.
There are two ice rinks of over 1 800 mkw area, 6 buffets, restaurants, bars, six banquet halls and 26 VIP lodge accessible for all of the guests.

«Arena «Mytiszczi» is the ideal place for spending free time for all the inhabitants of neighbouring areas of Moscow and Moscow district. Its appearance was the long-anticipated and desired gift from the city. For such a short period of time from the opening it was visited by over 1 000 000 people and the number of regular visitors is still increasing.

In 2007 the Russian Ice Skating Championships and Hockey World Championships (2007 IIHF World Championship) took place there – the great event for all the hockey fans.

The regular hockey matches of Russian Championships take place on the arena. The domestic matches of hockey «Atlant» (before «Chemik») team of the Russian Championships super league are always played at full tribunes accompaniment. Main fans are the young people, families and children. Because of its perfect acoustics and multimedia possibilities, the ice palace became the favourite place of the performances of Russian and foreign starts.

«Arena Mytiszczi» is the technically complicated building, clear planning, simple and severe interiors of the building, a lot of light, complicated equipment which fills the whole builging enable the great variety of exploitation. The main complex arena is multifunctional and may be transformed to a place of ice skating tournaments, ball games (basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis, badminton), gymnastics etc.
Apart from sports events also the variety of concerts, exhibitions, meetings, dance evenings, circus performances, fashion shows and other cooperative ventures may be carried out in the palace. After main arena deice the horse riding competitions and motorcycle races may be organized.

The complex is equipped with the essential concert and other entertainment events equipment including stage, which may be used for different constructions and podiums for fashion shows arrangement. The arena in equipped with video facilities which may be used for simple transmission and recording of matches at high level.

The communication system of the ice palace enables the internet connections in the way enabling live internet broadcasts.


EAF 2009-11-18


We would like to inform you that next World Armwrestling Championships 2010 will be hosted by USA Armwrestling Federation. Championships will be placed in Mesquite, December 3-10, 2010. Mesquite is a true diamond in the desert, conveniently located just one hour north of Las Vegas, Nevada in USA. Situated within the breathtaking Virgin Valley, Mesquite is less that a day's drive from dozens of national parks, monuments, forests and recreation areas such as Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon.
EAF 2009-10-27


We want to inform you that next European Armwrestling Championships in year 2010 will be hosted by Russian Armwrestling Federation. Place of this championships will be Moscow. Date of this championships is set from 31th of May 2010 to 6th of June 2010.
EAF 2009-10-26