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EAF 2009-08-24

Sanction Doping Control EAF 2009

There is a positive test during the doping control in Bulgaria European Championship 2009.

Alexey Semerenko - Ukraine has positive test during doping control in Euroarm 2009

There is the result of the procedure from the doping committee of WAF in attachement.

It will be in application right now.


another items voted during the WAF's congress 2007: (just to remind)

Proposal by Hungary - Attila Csabai

Proposal # 13 - We propose that when a competitor has tested positive in a doping test, when he/she return from their suspension they be given a doping test again at their own costs

VOTE: 26 For | 1 Abstain | 6 Against | CARRIED


Dear WAF Members

This is my report as senior Vice-President of WAF and President of EAF. As well as before, in year 2009 the popularization and development of Armwrestling in Europe was our main purpose. They were conducted (and until end of the year there are more) many national and international tournaments in the countries-member of EAF.

Exceptionally successful was lead the IXX European Armwrestling Championship in Sofia (Bulgaria) from 1st to 6th June 2009, regardless of the World financial crisis. The competition was conducted on a highest level. The finals in every from the 4 competition days were live-broadcasted from 17:00 to 19:30 in 22 countries, and the full competition days were translated free of charge by internet in 22. More and mode medias in Europe show interest in our sport. During the European Championship, the new system for score-sheeting was successfully tested and has shown excellent results. Every day the qualifications were beginning from 9:00 a.m. and ending at 1:00 p.m. In this European tournament were taken part more that 480 competitors. For a year in a row it was lead doping control. From all tests only 1 test has appeared as positive, but the forbidden substance was not an anabolic steroid. It is clear, that with every passing year, the positive doping tests are decreasing, that is a good result for the work of the leadership of EAF. For a first time it was lead a doping seminar for all participants, thanks to the responsible for doping Vice-President of EAF, Dr. Ahmet Hadimoglu.

The championship was lead by very good referring. It was formed a referee-panel of EAF. For regret, some of the national federations in EAF (Italy, Norway, Belgium) were not able to take part in the championship. In the next 2010 year, we are waiting for some new national federations (Croatia, Serbia) to get members of EAF. From the beginning of this year, there is a new site of EAF www.eaf-armwrestling.com, where man can find results, news and other information about our activity.

All successes shown above, give reason to Directorate of EAF and to its members to feel proud and to pretend, that they are the strongest and best-organized continental federation in WAF.

Best wishes,

Assen Hadjitodorov

President of EAF

Assen Hadjitodorov 2009-08-10