Official minutes from EAF Congress meeting

1.06.2009, Sofia, Bulgaria


At the beginning: 20 countries

After few minutes joined us: Georgia & Azerbaijan

Total: 22 countries


Belgium provided proxy - gave away their vote to Slovakia.

France provided proxy - gave away their vote to Slovakia.

Proxy has not been accepted due the fact that Belgium and France have not paid for their membership.


1.Official welcoming for all the countries - Assen Hadjitodorov (EAF President)

2.Review and acceptance of minutes from European Federation Congress Meeting during 30 World's Canada 2008

for: 17 - against: 2 - abstain: 1 Minutes accepted


3.Acceptance of new members.

Albania didn't provide us any documents about their registration - Albania is not accepted as an EAF Member.


Georgia joined the EAF Meeting.


4.Report covering the 2008/2009 EAF activity

Assen Hadjitodorov - EAF President

Igor Mazurenko - EAF General Secretary

Alexander Filimonov - EAF V-ce President

A proposal for the European Championships 2010 to take place in Moscow between May the 31th and June the 6th 2010 has been given

For: 18 - Against: 2 - Abstain: 1


5.Submission of the budget for 2008/2009

For: 19 - Against: 0 - Abstain: 2


Azerbaijan joined the EAF Meeting


6.Proposals for new points and alteration in the EAF rules of:

1.proposal from POLAND

a)to increase yearly payment from 100 Euros to 200 Euros for each country membership

For: 12 - Against: 8 - Abstain: 2

b) To split the 40 Euros payment for the category to 2 separated payments per hand in each category (30 euro per hand per class for man, woman and 15 euro per hand per class for juniors)

For: 12 - Against: 6 - Abstain: 4

2.proposal from HUNGARY

to create the licenses for competitor memberships in the EAF

For: 22 - Against: 0 - Abstain: 0

3.proposal from BULGARIA

To move the EAF official place of residence from Belgium to Bulgaria

For: 16 - Against: 3 - Abstain: 3

7.Examination of the offers for conducting the European Championships in 2013 in Lithuania

For: 21 - Against: 0 - Abstain: 1

8.New business - prepare licenses for referees.

9.David Sheed - will be representing Finland as a referee.

For: 20 - Against: 0 - Abstain: 2

Congress ended.

EAF 2009-07-14

Polish athletes banned

According to the decision of the Polish Armwrestling Fedration (FAP) athletes listed below are banned for 1 year from competing in national and international events:

1. Grzegorz Piotrzkowski (Chariman of the UKS Iron Starogard Gdanski club)

2. Karol Piotrzkowski (UKS Iron Starogard Gdanski club athlete)

3. Lukasz Rudnicki (klubu UKS Szaki Club Zary athleta)

The cause:
Alcohol abuse during the trip from the "19th European Championships - Bulgaria 2009", unsportsmanlike behavior, not complying with the FAP rules.

The decision to sustain or extend the penalty will be made during the next meeting of the FAP congress during this year's Polish National Cup.

EAF 2009-06-14


At Miroslaw Krawczyk's (the official EAF photographer) a contest for the "Miss foto EUROARM 2009"has been organized during the 19th European Championships - Sofia, Bulgaria 2009.

From the several hundred women taking part in the Championships the judges have picked three finalists:

1. Sarah Backman (Sweden)

2. Michalina Romanska (Poland)

3. Tatyana Nikisheva (Russia)

The final results were: Sarah Backam in front of Michalina Romanska. Tatyana Nikisheva came third.

We would like to congratulate the lovely ladies and we are hoping for further such eye-pleasant contests.

EAF 2009-06-14