integrational tournament for disabled people
I ROUND - Burgas (Bulgaria)
Saturday, 31st July 2010 г.,

On July 31st, 2010 (Saturday) from in Burgas (Bulgaria), on petrol station OMV-Izgrev has
held the I ROUND of the integrational tournament-chain for disabled people WILL TO VICTORY .
Over 50 participants from different cities has tried their strength in the competition in three weight
classes: women absolute category, men -80 kg and men +80 kg. The winner by the women is
Emilia Stoyanova (Kurdjali), 2nd after her has classed herself Asya Burova (Plovdiv) and the 3rd
place has got Ana Marinova (also from Plovdiv). In the men's -80 kg category, the bronze
medalist from European championship Marin Peychev (Gprna Oryahovica) has taken the 1st
place, followed by Dimitar Shterev (Burgas) on 2nd and Nikolay Koev (Varna) on 3rd place. In the
men‘s category +80 kg on 1st place has classed himself Grorgi Kiryakov (Selanovci), 2nd
appeared Anton Antonov (Pomorie) and the 3rd place has left for Metin Dikmeosman (Kurdjali).
The five competitions WILL TO VICTORY are organized by the Bulgarian Armwrestling
Federation and the OMV petrol company, under the patronage of the Bulgarian Minister of
Physical Education and Sports dr. Svilen Neykov; with the co-organization of the municipality of
the respective city, where this tournament will be held. Here are the dates for the remaining four
tournaments WILL TO VICTORY:
- II ROUND - on 14th August 2010 in Pleven - in OMV-Storgozia petrol station.
- III ROUND - on 28th August 2010 in Plovdiv - in OMV-Maria Luiza.
- IV ROUND - on 4th September 2010 in Varna - in OMV-Republica.
- V ROUND - on 11th September 2010 in Sofia - in OMV-Momina Cheshma.
The competitions are result of the initiative of the Bulgarian Armwrestling Federation to
attract more disabled people to practice this sport, and so we hope to contribute for faster
acceptance of the Armwrestling in the para-olympic games.




integration tournament for people with disabilities


On 31 July in Burgas (Bulgaria), at 12:00 h in OMV-Izgrev petrol station will be held the first from the five integrational Armwrestling tournaments for disabled people "WILL TO VICTORY". ARMFIGHT® sport drinks and OMV-petrol stations are proud to be general sponsors of the tournaments "WILL TO VICTORY". The competitions are conducted under the patronage of the minister of the Bulgarian Ministry Of Physical Education And Sports - dr. Svilen Neykov, with the co-organization of the following municipalities: Burgas Municipality: (31.07.2010), Pleven Municipality (14.08.2010), Plovdiv Municipality (28.08.2010), Varna Municipality (04.09.2010) and Sofia Municipality (11.09.2010). The Bulgarian Armwrestling Federation hopes, that by this way will contribute for the faster acceptation of this sport in the para-olympic games.





интеграционний турнир для людей с инвалидностью


31 июля в Бургас (Болгария), в 12:00 часов в заправке OMV-Изгрев будет проведен первым от пяти интеграционных турниров Армрестлинга для инвалидов, "ВОЛЯ ДЛЯ ПОБЕДА". ARMFIGHT® спортивные напитки и заправка OMV горды быть общими спонсорами турниров "ВОЛЯ ДЛЯ ПОБЕДА". Соревнования проводятся под патронаже министра болгарского Министерства Физкультуры и Спорта - доктор Свилен Нейков, взаимно с ко-организации общин следующих болгарских городах: Бургас (31.07.2010), Плевен (14.08.2010), Пловдив (28.08.2010), Варна (04.09.2010) и София (11.09.2010). Болгарская Армрестлинг Федерация надеется, что этим путем внесет вклад для более быстрого принятие этого спорта в пара-олимпийские игры.


(BUL) :



интеграционен турнир за хора с увреждания


На 31 юли 2010 г. в Бургас, в бензиностанция ОМВ-Изгрев от 12:00 ч. ще се проведе първият от петте интеграционни турнира по Канадска борба за хора с увреждания "ВОЛЯ ЗА ПОБЕДА". ARMFIGHT® спортни напитки и ОМV-бензиностанции се гордеят, че са генерални спонсори на веригата от 5 турнира за хора с увреждания "ВОЛЯ ЗА ПОБЕДА". Състезанията се провеждат под патронажа на министъра на физическото възпитание и спорта доц. д-р Свилен Нейков, със съорганизаторството на: Община Бургас (31.07.2010), Община Плевен (14.08.2010), Община Пловдив (28.08.2010), Община Варна (04.09.2010) и Столична община (11.09.2010). Българската федерация по Канадска борба се надява, че по този начин ще допринесе за по-бързото приемане на този спорт в пара-олимпийските игри.

Romanian Nationals 24/25/4/2010

It was “touch and go” as to whether I would have a flight to go to the Romanian Nationals as all flights had been cancelled due to the volcanic ash already causing me to miss the Norwegian Nationals the weekend before but I was lucky this time and arrived on a warm and sunny Thursday ready to hold a Referee’s training seminar on the Friday. The seminar went well with about 20 trainee Referee’s participating, I was left with the difficult task of picking the best to start the next day at their first big competition, and big it was!

Saturday was the left hand and I was amazed to hear that they had 239 competitors just for the left hand!

Unfortunately their Head Referee Dragos Corcoveanu had flight problems and was unable to attend so many of his duties fell to the experienced W.A.F qualified Referee Victor Barbu. This was the first time I have worked so closely with Victor and it was refreshing to see that he demands a high level of discipline from the competitors, he is one of the strictest Referees in the world, it was a pleasure working with him.

Saturday evening I asked Mircea Simionescu-Simicel their Marketing Director (who is also their Technical Director) how many competitors they had for Sunday he said he did not have a final number yet as registration did not finish till Sunday morning but it will be more than the 250 they had expected so we would be starting a little earlier.

Well when I arrived Sunday morning it was a very busy place, Mircea came and told me they had 361 competitors for the right hand I asked “just the right hand” he said yes with the left hand we have 390 competitors and a total of 600 entries, I said that is fantastic it’s the same size as the European Championship last year and one of the biggest Nationals in the world.

The competition ran very well the new Referees performed very well there were no major problems but lots of excitement from many “up and coming” armwrestlers one junior class had 42 competitors and like the Polish Nationals it was all streamed live on the internet. Christian Dulgheru (Romanian President) and his team have a lot to be proud of in the promotion and organisation of this competition. I was very impressed and pleased to see another European country making such great strides forward in our sport.

Congratulations to the whole team.

David Shead

Guest Referee

David Shead 2010-05-28