We want to inform you that next European Armwrestling Championships in year 2010 will be hosted by Russian Armwrestling Federation. Place of this championships will be Moscow. Date of this championships is set from 31th of May 2010 to 6th of June 2010.
EAF 2009-10-26


Hello friends!

We are going to verify all EAF Armwrestling Federations email. Please, send us your email address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to check, that your email is in our database.

We received some informations about problems with receiving emails from EAF EC.

EAF 2009-08-24

Sanction Doping Control EAF 2009

There is a positive test during the doping control in Bulgaria European Championship 2009.

Alexey Semerenko - Ukraine has positive test during doping control in Euroarm 2009

There is the result of the procedure from the doping committee of WAF in attachement.

It will be in application right now.


another items voted during the WAF's congress 2007: (just to remind)

Proposal by Hungary - Attila Csabai

Proposal # 13 - We propose that when a competitor has tested positive in a doping test, when he/she return from their suspension they be given a doping test again at their own costs

VOTE: 26 For | 1 Abstain | 6 Against | CARRIED