Polish athletes banned

According to the decision of the Polish Armwrestling Fedration (FAP) athletes listed below are banned for 1 year from competing in national and international events:

1. Grzegorz Piotrzkowski (Chariman of the UKS Iron Starogard Gdanski club)

2. Karol Piotrzkowski (UKS Iron Starogard Gdanski club athlete)

3. Lukasz Rudnicki (klubu UKS Szaki Club Zary athleta)

The cause:
Alcohol abuse during the trip from the "19th European Championships - Bulgaria 2009", unsportsmanlike behavior, not complying with the FAP rules.

The decision to sustain or extend the penalty will be made during the next meeting of the FAP congress during this year's Polish National Cup.

EAF 2009-06-14


At Miroslaw Krawczyk's (the official EAF photographer) a contest for the "Miss foto EUROARM 2009"has been organized during the 19th European Championships - Sofia, Bulgaria 2009.

From the several hundred women taking part in the Championships the judges have picked three finalists:

1. Sarah Backman (Sweden)

2. Michalina Romanska (Poland)

3. Tatyana Nikisheva (Russia)

The final results were: Sarah Backam in front of Michalina Romanska. Tatyana Nikisheva came third.

We would like to congratulate the lovely ladies and we are hoping for further such eye-pleasant contests.

EAF 2009-06-14

Sanctioning armwrestler Sabin Badulescu - Romania

Note: This is a translated text. Original letter is in romanian and it is available on Romanian website.


Bucharest, 02.04.2009


Decision number 1,dated 02.04.2009


Today, 02.04.2009, met in the Executive Committee meeting of "Iron Arm" Sportive Association - Armwrestling Sportive Club (Romanian Armwrestling Association - Iron Arm - hereby called "the Association"), to consider how to sanction the armwrestler Mr. Sabin Badulescu from Romania, personal ID code #(...), after his various disciplinary offenses realized during the last 12 months.


In this case have been detained followings:

1. Mr. Bodor Stefan-Mihai written notification, dated 14.05.2008, by which state the violent and unsportsmanlike behavior of Mr.Sabin Badulescu, within the 2008 Romanian National Armwrestling Championship in 03.05.2008;

2. Official protest of Bulgarian Armwrestling Federation executive board, dated 03.10.2008 and received by the Association on 06.11.2008, against the badly and non-sportsman behavior of Mr. Sabin Badulescu, during the Gashevski Cup (September 2008, Gorna Oriahovitsa, Bulgaria) international competition;

3. Mr. Sabin Badulescu unsportsmanlike behavior, during the 2008 Romanian National Armwrestling Championship in 03.05.2008, where he started a conflict with Mr. Ion Caltosu, in front of referees, officials and media present, conflict which required the intervention security forces;

4. Inappropriate language, disparagement and non founded charges upon the Association, injuries brought to the Association image by defamatory statements of Mr. Sabin Badulescu, within different events and/or other media channels;

5. EAF (European Armwrestling Federation) letter dated 23.03.2009, requesting an official answer to the Bulgarian Armwrestling Federation protest, mentioned at second point.


In the prosecution Mr. Sabin Badulescu facts, will consider the following:


1) The organization and functioning status of the "Iron Arm" Sportive Association - Armwrestling Sportive Club provide:


Art.4. The scope

paragraph c) coordination, guidance and control of sport - within the club - taking all necessary measures to prevent a breach of sports regulations, statutes and decisions or of game rules..., preventing any unsportsmanlike or unfair methods or practices...;

paragraph e) defend the moral and material interests of sport;

paragraph f) develop collaborative relationships with all national, regional or county organizations, affiliated to specialized federations and similar to those in other countries;

paragraph g) promote by all means the spirit of sportsmanship, prevention and elimination of violence in sport and unfair play behavior..."


2) Chapter V, Article 24. Penalties

"For violation of statutes, regulations, rules, norms and decisions of the Association management, may apply the following sanctions: a) warning; b) fine; c) suspension."


3) The Association affiliation to the European Armwrestling Federation (EAF) and to the World Armwrestling Federation (WAF), being unique and exclusive representative of these organizations.


Considering the seriousness of acts committed by Mr. Sabin Badulescu We decided the following penalties against Mr. Sabin

- Participation interdiction to all events produced/organized by, or in the name of the Association, for 24 months (twenty-four months) , starting with 02.04.2009 and ending up 01.04.2011;

- Communicating present decision to European Armwrestling Federation (EAF) and to World Armwrestling Federation (WAF);

- Monitoring Mr. Sabin Badulescu behavior and testimonies, within the sanction term.


Decision will be put into practice by communicating them to the organizers and co-organizers of competitions under the aegis of the Association and its publication on the www.bratdefier.ro , official website of the Association. This decision is final.


Bucharest, 02.04.2009


Signatures of:



Secretary General,


Stamp of the Association.

Romanian Armwrestling Association "Iron Arm" 2009-04-29