Slovak Armwrestling Association

Dear all,


Let me inform you that on 27. march 2009 there were an elections to Slovak armwrestling association EC with following results:


Executive committee:


Marian Capla - President

Jan Dalak - Vice President

Radoslav Dobrovic

Felix Domeny

Gabriel Harcarik


Best regards,

Marian Capla

SAA President

Marian Capla 2009-04-09


I was re-elected for office of president for a term of 4 years covering 2009 - 2012 at the 2nd ordinary meeting of the general assembly of our federation held on Sunday, March 8, 2009.

During this term that we will work together, I do believe and hope that we will overcome any obstacles to be faced within the framework of good will and faith; and I wish a successful year to the EAF and all its officers and employees.

I extend my kindest and best regards.


Your sincerely


President of the Turkish Federation

On behalf of the Administrative Board

EAF General Secretary 2009-03-12

Changes in a management of the Czech Armsport Association

Dear representatives of WAF and EAF!

We inform you about changes in a management of the Czech armsport association (CAA). It was a CAA conference in the December 2008, where new CAA president and CAA vicepresident was voted. Since January 2009 the new CAA president has been Mr Robin Svacina and the new CAA vicepresident Ms Zuzana Svobodova. All the other things like an adress, bank and e-mail connection continue.

Yours sincerely

Czech Armsport Association

Czech Armsport Association 2009-02-23